4 Facts About DIY Teeth Whitening You Should Know

Posted by DR. MARIO LAMAS on Sep 8 2021, 09:27 AM

4 Facts About DIY Teeth Whitening You Should Know

Have you been searching for home remedies to whiten your teeth? You are not alone! Nowadays, many are looking into DIY teeth whitening solutions to improve and brighten their smiles. 

Bloggers, magazines, and influencers have all released dozens of tips and tricks on how to whiten your teeth at home. 

But, as good as they may sound, some of these tips and tricks are not actually good for you. It’s better to allow an experienced dentist to tell you what is fact and what is not. 

At Tijuana Dental Studio in Tijuana Baja, California, Dr. Mario Lamas and Dr. Javier Sandoval have years of experience offering dental procedures like teeth whitening to patients. 

In this blog, our dentists want to use their expertise to help you cut through the noise with some facts on DIY teeth whitening.

  • DIY Teeth Whitening Takes Time

Unlike in-office whitening treatments that offer instant results, DIY teeth whitening can take months to show results. If you want to use whitening gels, trays, toothpaste, and strips to whiten your teeth, you should do so consistently for a few months to get the whitening effects you want.

  • Activated Charcoal Is Not Good for Your Teeth

Activated charcoal has been hailed as one of the best solutions for teeth whitening. However, studies have shown that it does more harm than good. The American Dental Association says activated charcoal is neither safe nor effective, and it is abrasive enough to damage the enamel and leave your teeth exposed to decay and damage.

  • Your Diet Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

Eating fibrous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, nuts and seeds, and dairy products like cheese can help keep your teeth white by increasing saliva production and getting rid of superficial stains.

On the other hand, pasta sauce, wine, curries, coffee, and tea have the opposite effect as they can stain your teeth.

  • Lemon and Baking Soda Solutions Can Harm Your Teeth 

A 2008 study found that lemon is corrosive to tooth enamel and is very acidic with a pH of just 2.2. Although lemon is known to help whiten teeth, it can gradually compromise their integrity by exposing them to too much acid.

Although DIY teeth whitening is the more economical option, in-office teeth whitening treatments are cost-effective and offer quicker results. To learn more, consult Dr. Sandoval or Dr. Lamas at Tijuana Dental Studio by calling (619) 955-6901, request an appointment online, or visit our office at Calle Quinta, Zona Centro, Tijuana Baja California 7974. 

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