5 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Posted by DR. MARIO LAMAS on Aug 12 2021, 08:49 AM

5 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

A severely damaged tooth can make the surrounding teeth infected, which is why it is necessary to cure that particular tooth with dental treatments. Dentists opt for either tooth extraction or root canal to cure the damaged tooth. However, the preferred option is the root canal since it provides several benefits and is very effective.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is the extraction of infected pulp and then filling it with suitable material to seal the area. In this process, the dentist also disconnects a nerve from the damaged tooth so that you do not feel any kind of sensitivity in your teeth.

The entire procedure focuses on eliminating the bacteria from the infected root canal, preventing the tooth from getting re-infected, and saving the surrounding teeth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

A root canal provides several benefits that are as follows:

  • Reduces the Infection From Spreading to Other Teeth

You tend to feel severe pain in your tooth when it is infected. With the help of a root canal, the dentist removes the infection-causing bacteria permanently and disinfects the tooth to protect it from tooth decay or recurring infection.  

  • Provides Visually Appealing Results

After the root canal treatment, the dentist seals the tooth with a crown that looks like your natural teeth and provides the feeling of the original teeth. It also improves your smile and boosts your self-esteem.

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective

The root canal is considered the most effective treatment since it is less time-consuming and more affordable than a tooth extraction. You can always go for a root canal in case of severe pain or infection to your tooth.

  • Improves Oral Hygiene

Tooth decay has a severe impact on the oral hygiene of a person. A person with imbalanced oral health is susceptible to many health issues that include heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, and many more. Thankfully, a root canal treats tooth decay and improves your oral hygiene. Maintaining good oral hygiene will automatically make you lead a healthy life.

  • Prevents Degeneration of the Jawbone

A missing tooth degenerates the jawbone. However, When you treat your damaged tooth with a root canal, you protect it and the surrounding teeth from further infections. When the tooth is preserved, the jawbone also remains intact.

You can save valuable time and get rid of the never-ending toothache with the help of a root canal.

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