Are you afraid of the dentist?

Posted by Dr. Lamas on Aug 6 2018, 07:10 AM

Are you afraid of the dentist?

We understand that visiting your dentist can generate anxiety and fear, maybe this is caused by a previous unpleasant experience in the past or from hearing experiences from relatives or close friends. We also know that the noises, smells and the nuisance of keeping your mouth open generate this anxiety. Nevertheless, your dentist in Tijuana Dental Studio knows of these aspects and we know how to help you to overcome them.

We also want to give you some recommendations before and during your visit to your dentist in Tijuana to make it more pleasant:

  • Schedule your appointment early in the morning, you will be less anxious or if you wish you can visit our clinic before scheduling your appointment to grow more familiar with us.
  • Be accompanied by a relative or a close friend, they will give you support.
  • During your consultation speak with your Tijuana dentists, he or she will clear all your doubts with simple and sincere language. By talking you will generate trust in each other, your Tijuana dentists knows how to deal with anxiety and fears, let the communication flow between you two.
  • Your dentist in Tijuana will prioritize your treatment from the most urgent part and if there’s no emergency, from the simple to the more complex treatment once you feel more confident.
  • Before starting your treatment, set a signal with your dentist, it will help you to take a break or let your dentist know if you have a bother. Technology has improved so treatments are more comfortable and appliances are less noisy.

The benefits of the treatment and the improvements in your oral and general health, once you start noticing them, will be a positive reinforcement for your future visits.

Grow familiar with your dentist in Tijuana and with all the staff at Dental Studio, we offer you a close and sensible treatment and we make an effort so you can feel comfortable.

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