Border Crossing Requirements as of Nov 8th 2021

Posted by Melissa González on Nov 9 2021, 05:50 PM

Border Crossing Requirements as of Nov 8th 2021

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mexican and American authorities took the decision to close the borders in March 21st 2020. It was determined that only essential travelers could enter USA from Mexico, which meant that people who used to cross the border for shopping, recreation and family reasons weren’t allowed to do so further notice. Both sides of the border suffered economically from these limitations and families were divided.

American citizens and residents were allowed to enter Mexico and return to USA for medical reasons, as it was considered an essential travel and no proof of vaccination nor negative COVID-19 tests were required to cross the border via land ports of entry. Thanks to this, the medical tourism industry in Mexico managed to stay afloat, receiving patients from USA who couldn’t get in touch with their preferred doctors or dentists in their own city or whose preferred clinics weren’t open yet.

Finally, after almost two years of restrictions, on November 8th 2021 border restrictions for travelers coming from Mexico have been lifted under certain conditions.

What are the requirements and conditions to cross the USA/Mexico border as of November 8th 2021?

·        Travelers with tourist visas will have to present their COVID-19 vaccination certificate in order to be allowed to cross into USA.

·        Non-vaccinated travelers with tourist visas will only be able to cross for essential reasons until January 22nd, and after that the border will be closed to any non-vaccinated travelers regardless of travelling reasons.

·        American Citizens and Residents don’t need to present any vaccination proof nor COVID-19 tests in order to exit and enter UA via land entry ports. A negative COVID-19 test must be presented when returning to USA via airplane.

Have there been any requirement changes for American citizens or residents?

No, American citizens and residents can travel as usual back and forth across the border via land ports.

What about American citizens with Mexican residency?

American citizens with Mexican residency aren't affected by these requirement changes either. They can cross the border back and forth without issue.

Will I be asked for any vaccination proof or a COVID-19 test when using Cross Border Expresss (CBX) to return to USA after flying into Tijuana?

As long as you're an American citizen or resident, you will not be required to present a negative COVID-19 test since your plane arrived to Tijuana, not USA. Also, since CBX is a land port of entry, American citizens or residents will not need to show any vaccination proof. 

Can I keep my medical or dental appointment in Tijuana with these border crossing requirement changes?

Yes, we suggest to not cancel your appointments if you’re an American citizen or resident coming via land.

Will there be an increase in waiting times at the San Ysidro border?

Most likely yes. Fortunately, dental and medical providers can offer you a FastLane Pass if you meet certain requirements such as having a 3+ hours long appointment or having a surgical procedure.

Feel free to set up an appointment at Dental Studio in Tijuana without worrying too much about crossing restrictions and times, we'll be glad to be at your service!


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So, if I understand correctly, Americans with a Mexican residency card may walk over in San Ysidro and do not need to show vaccination verification; however, using CBX an American with a Mexican residency card must show vaccination verification? This was NOT clear in your reporting. Please respond to my comment. THANK YOU!!!

Luella May

Hello! As long as this person is still considered a U.S. Citizen, they will need no vaccination proof. The same applies to CBX, since they're entering to USA via a land port of entry and not via plane. This person would be asked for a negative COVID-19 test (which is not the same as a vaccination verification) if they were to fly into San Diego directly, which isn't the case here. Thank you for your question, we will add it to the blog in order to make it clearer for our readers. We highly appreciate your contribution!

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