Can I visit my dentist after the border lockdown extension to November 21st 2020?

Posted by Melissa González on Oct 20 2020, 12:22 PM

Can I visit my dentist after the border lockdown extension to November 21st 2020?

Can I visit my dentist after the border lockdown extension of November 21st 2020?

Has the border lockdown in Tijuana been extended again?

On October 16th the External Relations Secretary of Mexico along with USA’s CBP announced that the border lockdown would be extended until November 21st. This means that only people who are considered essential travelers can cross the border for now.

Who is considered an essential traveler?

According to CBP, essential travelling are all those travels that are required to be done in order to maintain public health and society’s correct functioning:

·       * Citizens and lawful permanent residents returning to the United States.

·       * Individuals traveling for medical purposes.

·       * Individuals traveling to attend educational institutions.

·       * Individuals traveling to work in the United.

·       * Individuals traveling for emergency response and public health purposes.

·       *  Individuals engaged in lawful cross-border trade.

·       * Individuals engaged in official government travel or diplomatic travel.

·       *  Individuals engaged in military-related travel or operations.

If I need to get dental work in Tijuana, will I be able to cross the border?

Yes, you’re considered an essential traveler since you are traveling for medical purposes, which is bullet #2 in the list above. Feel free to call your dentist in Tijuana to schedule an appointment!

Can I get any kind of dental work?

Yes, you can get anything done ranging from teeth cleaning up to root canals and extractions in Tijuana. Ideally you should only visit Tijuana for emergency dental treatments, but as long as you observe the health safety measures (facemask and social distancing) you can get any kind of treatment done.

Will I have any problems crossing into Tijuana or coming back?

As long as you have your passport and you are a resident or citizen, you shouldn’t have any trouble crossing back and forth. If you want to feel safer, you could ask your dentist in Tijuana to send you a letter stating that you require to cross the border, although it’s not required.


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