Digital X-Ray Advantages

Posted by Dr. Lamas on Jul 11 2018, 07:14 AM

Digital X-Ray Advantages

X-Rays are an essential auxiliary exam in our daily dental practice. In them we can see structures, pathologies and other information that can’t be detected with a naked eye.

Using digital X-Rays has great advantages: we can observe sharper images, details are shown clearer and the image is generated in the computer immediately, thus we can make the correct diagnose sooner and the consultation becomes faster and more efficient.

Also, the patient undergoes a much smaller radiation dose than normal X-Rays and the image will still have the same quality.

Another advantage is that they are way less harmful to the environment by producing less trash than conventional X-Rays, which uses films whose packages need to be discarded.

In Tijuana Dental Studio we count with a modern Digital X-Ray system, you will feel more secure and confident for having these technologic advances at your service and handled by the most expert hands.

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