Metal Porcelain Crowns vs Zirconium Crowns

Posted by Dr. Lamas on May 31 2019, 07:04 AM

Metal Porcelain Crowns vs Zirconium Crowns

If you’ve asked around for crown prices, you’ve probably been offered different kinds of materials. The crowns that you’ve likely most heard about are Metal Porcelain and Zirconium or Metal Free crowns. But what’s the difference between them?

Metal Porcelain Crowns have, as their name implies, metal inside them. This metal is in contact with your tooth, but don’t worry, it’s completely harmless and biocompatible (that means your body doesn’t reject it and cause adverse reactions like inflammation or pain).

This also means that over time you’ll be able to see a thin outline of that core on the edge of the crown that touches your gum. But depending on how wide your smile is, it could be hard to see the darkening of the crown’s edge.

Some people might argue that the porcelain might chip off if you’re not careful with it, but if you avoid eating rocks and fists, you’ll do just fine.

Zirconium crowns, on the other hand, have no metal at all inside or outside them. They’re made out of a kind of porcelain that is fabricated through chemical processes and gives it a strength and aesthetic look that very few materials can compete with.

Unlike Metal Porcelain crowns, Zirconium crowns don’t show any dark outline of any metal core because, well… they don’t have any! This doesn’t mean that they are less sturdy, on the contrary, because of the material they’re made of, zirconium crowns are one of the strongest type of crowns in the market. These crowns are usually recommended to cover front teeth since they’re more aesthetically pleasant, but they can work perfectly with molars as well.

Because of the material they’re made of and their capabilities to have a more natural look, Zirconium crowns tend to have a somewhat higher price than Metal-Porcelain crown but they are well worth it for all the benefits they bring to your smile.

So, which crown should you get? It really depends on your cosmetic and functional expectations and needs, as well as your teeth conditions and bite type. Feel free to visit us at Dental Studio so our professional team can help you to choose the best option for you!

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