What is a dental implant?

Posted by Dr. Lamas on Dec 1 2017, 06:36 AM

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are titanium or titanium zirconium structures that are used to replace lost teeth, they are placed in the spot where there is a missing tooth replacing its root, they are used to restore from a single tooth to a whole denture, this way we bring back the aesthetic and the chewing function.

The dental implant is placed in the maxillaries through a surgical procedure, it’s very important for this to be performed by a specialist in dental implants since this is the most prepared and experienced person in this subject; a professional that stays continually updated.

The dental implant specialist in Tijuana Dental Studio is one of the best implantologists in Tijuana, with ample experience and preparation, and we also use one of the best implant brands worldwide.

On top of all these benefits, dental implants in Mexico (Tijuana) have a much lower price than in United States.

Call our numbers to schedule an appointment with our specialist, in which you will clear all your questions about the procedure and will receive a personalized treatment.

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