Why Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Posted by Mario Lamas on Mar 13 2023, 02:26 AM

Why Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

A tooth may need to be extracted if it cannot be saved or it has become a risk to your dental health. At Tijuana Dental Studio, the dentist will carefully examine your teeth, jawbone, gums, and mouth to determine the best treatment. Before the procedure begins, the dentist will ensure you’re completely numb and comfortable. Avoid smoking for a few days following the process. You should also avoid hot liquids and foods to prevent any irritation to your gums. Your dentist will give you specific instructions about caring for your mouth after tooth extraction. 

Types of Dental Extractions

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from your mouth. The tooth may be extracted for various reasons, including severe decay or trauma resulting in damage to the tooth that can’t be repaired. There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is performed if the tooth is visible above the gum line. A surgical extraction is necessary if your tooth is not visible above the gum line because it is either broken off at the gum line or higher in your jaw. Surgical extractions are usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation to maximize patient comfort.

Reason for Dental Extractions

An extraction is necessary when the tooth is damaged beyond repair and cannot be repaired with a crown or filling or if the patient has a severe infection in their mouth. The only solution is to extract the tooth to prevent the spread of infection. Extractions are also necessary when wisdom teeth become impacted, meaning they are trapped in the jaw and cannot erupt fully into the mouth. In this case, the tooth extraction will remove the trapped wisdom tooth, including the tooth root. If left untreated, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain and swelling in the mouth and damage adjacent teeth by crowding them. Additionally, impacted wisdom teeth can eventually develop cysts or tumors if left in place for too long. These lesions can be incredibly dangerous for your overall health if left alone, so removing impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible is essential.

Once the area is numbed with local anesthesia, the dentist will grasp the tooth with forceps and gently rock it back and forth until it is loose enough to pull out easily. The tooth is then removed whole from the socket. Sometimes, if the tooth is impacted below the gum line, your dentist may have to cut the gums to extract the tooth safely. In these cases, stitches may be necessary to avoid painful bleeding or a slower healing process. Patients can expect some bleeding and tenderness following the procedure, but this usually goes away within a few days as the mouth heals. 

The good news is that this procedure is usually quick and relatively painless due to sedation dentistry. For the best dental care tailored to your unique needs, visit Tijuana Dental Studio at Calle Quinta, Zona Centro, Tijuana Baja California 7974, or call (619) 955 6901.

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