Why should you replace your Metal Fillings?

Posted by Mario Lamas on May 23 2024, 03:31 PM

Why should you replace your Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings,also known as amalgam fillings,have been a workhorse of dentistry for over a century.They're durable and effective at stopping cavities.However,in recent years,many people are opting for a more aesthetically pleasing and potentially healthier alternative:composite fillings.

Here's a closer look at why you might consider replacing your metal fillings with composite fillings:

  • Aesthetics: Let's face it, metal fillings aren't exactly known for enhancing your smile. Composite fillings, made from tooth-colored resin, are meticulously matched to the natural shade of your teeth, creating a seamless and more aesthetically pleasing look. This can significantly boost your confidence when smiling, laughing, or interacting with others. After all, a bright, attractive smile is often associated with health, vitality, and professionalism.
  • Reduced Microleakage Risk: Over time, the seal between a metal filling and the tooth can weaken due to wear and tear. This can create tiny gaps called microleakage, which are invisible to the naked eye. These gaps can allow bacteria and food particles to seep into the tooth, potentially leading to new cavities and further tooth decay. Composite fillings, on the other hand, bond more chemically to the tooth structure, creating a tighter seal that reduces the risk of microleakage and helps protect the tooth from future decay. This stronger bond can also help to prevent the filling itself from coming loose or leaking, minimizing the need for future dental procedures.
  • Potential for Mercury Concerns: While the American Dental Association (ADA) considers amalgam fillings safe, some people have concerns about the low levels of mercury they contain. Mercury is a heavy metal that can be toxic in large amounts, and while the amount of mercury in amalgam fillings is very low, some people may prefer an alternative out of an abundance of caution. Composite fillings offer a mercury-free alternative, providing peace of mind for those who are concerned about the potential health effects of mercury.
  • Tooth Sensitivity: Metal fillings are made of dissimilar metals that can expand and contract at different rates with temperature changes. These microscopic movements can put stress on the tooth and irritate the underlying dentin, leading to sensitivity, especially when consuming hot or cold beverages. Composite fillings, because they bond directly to the tooth and are made of a single material, are less likely to cause this type of sensitivity. This can significantly improve your comfort and enjoyment of food and drinks.
  • Durability Considerations: While metal fillings are known for their strength and longevity, they can chip or wear down over time, especially with heavy chewing or grinding habits. Composite fillings, while strong, may require replacement sooner than metal fillings depending on individual wear patterns. However, composite fillings can typically be repaired rather than needing a complete replacement, depending on the extent of the damage. This can save you time and money in the long run.

It's important to note that not all metal fillings require immediate replacement.If your metal fillings are in good condition and not causing any problems,your dentist may recommend leaving them in place.However,regular dental checkups are crucial to monitor their condition.

The Choice is Yours.

Ultimately,the decision of whether or not to replace your metal fillings is a personal one.Discuss your options with your dentist in Tijuana.We can assess the condition of your fillings,your individual needs and preferences,and recommend the best course of action for your oral health and smile goals. Schedule an appointment at Dental Studio in Tijuana to get yours! Call us at (619) 955 6901 and improve your smile today!

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