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Dental Services at Affordable Prices

We offer the best dental treatments, and we offer them at affordable prices. Take a look at our dental price list, and compare to what you would pay in the USA.

All prices are in American Dollars
As of 2022 and due to inflation, we're sorry to inform that our prices have increased in comparison to previous years.
Current patients with ongoing treatments will still work with the prices given at the beginning of their treatment.

USADental Studio
Complete Intraoral X-Ray
Local X-Ray (2-3 teeth)$15
and Dental Health
USADental Studio
Teeth Cleaning and Polishing$93$60
Composite Fillings$250$77
Amalgam Replacement for
Composite Filling
Dental CosmeticUSADental Studio
Composite Veneer$200 - $400$99 - $149
Porcelain Veneer$950 - $2,500$545
Teeth Whitening at Office$400 - $800$182
Teeth Whitening at Home (Kit)$400 - $650$154
Surgery and Extractions
USADental Studio
Root Canal$700 - $900$220
Root Canal Retreatment$600-$700$275
Periodontal Scaling and Root
$140 - $210 per quadrant$115 per quadrant
Periodontal Surgery$1,000 - $4,000Starting at $275
Crown Lengthening$1,000 - $4,000$186
Simple Extraction$150 - $300$66
Surgical Extraction$350 - $650$185
CrownsUSADental Studio
Prefabricated Post$250 - $500$121
Metal-Porcelain Crown$800 - $1,100$275
Metal-Free Crown$1,300 - $1,600$495
Dental Implant$3,000 - $4,500$990
Metal-Free Crown over
Implant (Includes abutment)
$3,000 - $4,500$820
and Prothesis
USADental Studio
Removable Bilateral Metal
  Partial Bridge (by piece)
Removable Unilateral Metal
Partial Bridge (by piece)
Removable Bilateral Flexible
  Partial Bridge (by piece)
Removable Unilateral Flexible
Partial Bridge (by piece)
Metal Porcelain Fixed Partial
$500 - $3,000 per unit$275 per unit
Metal-Free Fixed Partial
$495 per unit
Full Dentures (Upper and
Mouth Guard$300-$500$99

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