Dental veneers are thin pieces that are made of porcelain and are bonded over the front of your teeth to change their color or shape. Veneers are usually used to treat the teeth that have uneven surfaces or are chipped and discolored. Veneers are also used in treating the oddly shaped, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. Sometimes, you don’t even require anesthesia to carry out the procedure. Veneers last long, along with their color stability, resistance to permanent staining from beverages like coffee, tea, or from smoking.

What is the process of getting dental veneers?

Dental veneers require at least three visits, i.e., the first to diagnose and plan the treatment, then for preparation, and finally for bonding.

During the first visit, the dentist discusses and takes your opinion to realize how your teeth will look and feel like with veneers. At this time, the dentist takes photographs, molds, and scans. They help in designing your new smile as well as improving the communication of your ideal smile vision between you, the dentist and the lab .

At the time of tooth preparation visit, the teeth that are to be treated, are lightly buffed to make space for the little added thickness of the veneer. During this visit, the dentist takes a mold and impression of the teeth, which is then sent to the dental lab for creating the customized veneers. Temporary veneers are placed for the time that is between the second and third appointments.

During the final “bonding” visit, the veneers that are ready are placed on the tooth surface. Their color and fitting are checked, and then they are bonded permanently.

How long could the veneers last?

Veneers are durable, and their lasting depends on your maintenance. You can even expect them to last for a decade or more. You need to provide general care to maintain your veneers, such as:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash 
  • Go for routine dental visits 
  • Avoid chewing ice or any hard candy as it affects your veneers just as it does to your natural teeth.


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