How do I deal with the increased border times when visiting my dentist in TIjuana?

Posted by Melissa González on Sep 9 2020, 09:18 AM

How do I deal with the increased border times when visiting my dentist in TIjuana?

As of August 24th 2020, CBP has begun to take tighter measures in an attempt to discourage non-essential travelers from crossing the border. This means longer waiting periods to cross and secondary inspections for those who are suspected of having non-essential reasons to cross, including US citizens and residents. 

Fortunately, as you might recall from our previous blog, dental services are considered an essential traveling reason, so you don’t have to worry about being denied entrance to Mexico and USA. You can keep your current appointments if you wish and you can set up new appointments if you need to.

Nonetheless, in order to make your crossing back and forth easier, your dentist should provide you with documents to prove that you need to enter and exit Tijuana for your dental appointments.

Do I need a letter from my dentist to cross the border into Mexico?

While they are not mandatory, it will be very helpful if your dentist provides you with a letter pointing out that you have an appointment in their clinic. This will allow border agents to verify that you are indeed crossing for essential reasons and will have physical proof to corroborate it.

Your dentist can send you an email with the letter for you to print and present at the border. You can’t bring it in your smartphone or iPad, since you're not allowed to show it during the questioning.

How can I prove I visited my dentist in Tijuana?

When you go back to USA, you can present your payment’s receipt if it has your dentist’s address and other information. If your dentist only has generic receipts, they can provide you with a printed letter vouching that you visited their clinic for emergency dental treatment.

This letter can also work as a future appointment voucher, since your dentist can write down that you will need to visit their clinic again in a specified day. Then you can present that same document when crossing back into Tijuana, without needing to print another letter.

Will this make my waiting time shorter?

Please note that these letters are NOT medical passes, and you will not be able to use the Medical Lane with these letters.

Keep in mind that you will have to join the line and wait as usual. Your dentist’s letter will only help you to make the crossing process at the border quicker once you reach the border agents, and hopefully avoid secondary inspection.

What can I do to cross the Tijuana border more quickly?

You could consider crossing on foot, since the waiting times are considerably shorter when compared to waiting times for cars. You could park your car near the border, cross on foot while carrying your dentist’s letter, and take an Uber to reach your preferred clinic. Once your appointment is done, you can take an Uber to the border’s pedestrian line and cross back to USA on foot.

Feel free to check websites that let you know the average waiting times both on foot and on car so you can plan your appointments properly or ask them to be delayed or rescheduled as needed.


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